Thursday, July 02, 2020

Generate a maze in C#

There are many alghoritms for maze generation out there. The wikipedia page gives some nice overview. Some people blogged a lot about mazes and even wrote a book about maze generation!

While playing with C# scripting in SPCoder, I implemented the recursive backtracking algorithm for maze generation in C#. SPCoder's log window is used to display the generated maze and it was a perfect fit for this task.

There are two versions of the algorithm, one that generates a maze and displays it and the other one that stores all the maze versions during the generation and then displays animation where you can see the steps that algorithm took to generate the maze.

SPCoder with Basic maze script loaded

SPCoder log window that displays animation
generated by Detailed maze example 

All you need to do to try it out is get the latest version of SPCoder, either by downloading the zip package or getting the code from GitHub repo and building it yourself, run it, load maze examples and execute them.

Maze implementation is stored in separate GitHub repo, which will in future contain all new SPCoder scripts. You can use SPCoder GitHub repo connector, connect to and load the BasicMaze.csx and DetailedMaze.csx in SPCoder (as shown on first screenshot). Or you can copy the code directly to SPCoder code window from BasicMaze.csx and DetailedMaze.csx.

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